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lexcom has over 22 years of experience implementing and developing solutions on microsoft technology.

Is It Time To Refresh Your Information Technology Systems? Ask Yourself These Questions.
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  • How old is my software and equipment? At what point does the risk of doing nothing outweigh the cost of the upgrade?
  • Is it time to rethink how we approach IT? Does it make sense to start moving some (if not all) of our services to the cloud? 
  • Is there a specific software platform that is problematic? How will performing an upgrade solve that problem?
  • How long does the vendor offer support for our existing systems? What risk do we have of not having their support?
  • How do I finance this project? What options are available?

Cloud? Not Cloud? A little of both?
We Can Help You Take The Right Approach.

"Lexcom specializes in Microsoft Technology. Over the Years we have performed large scale desktop deployment projects exceeding 13000 computers, virtualized thousands of servers, automated the delivered of applications, implemented remote desktop solutions, migrated email systems, databases and moved businesses to the cloud.

there isn't too much that we haven't seen. whether your project is big or small, you can have confidence that we will have the ability to deliver."

- Bryan Janz
President, lexcom systems group

microsoft technology solutions for every day business

Field Data Collection
Near Hit Safe Act Incident Reporting
Transforming From Paper To Web & Mobile Technology
Unified Communications
Reducing Operational Costs With Next Generation Communication
How the City's New Voice and SMS Notification System Is Resulting in Fewer Disconnections, Happier Citizens And Reduced Operational Costs
Internet of Things
Transient Pressure Monitoring System
Connecting with legacy transient pressure sensors to the cloud for real time visibility
Management Systems
Digital Transformation Improving Sports
How Lexcom and Sask Hockey Transformed Officiating Using Digital Tools To Train and Improve Hockey Officials and Linesmen

Say Good Bye to Outages, Costly Upgrades and Maintenance of your favorite applications with Office 365

Office 365 offers Microsoft's industry leading software such as Microsoft Office, Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams coupled with advanced security functionality, access to information from anywhere, high service availability and minimal operational costs. There is no question that Office 365 delivers value to business.

As a Microsoft Cloud Acceleration Partner, Lexcom specializes in making transitions to Office 365 a pain free experience.

bringing technology together to solve problems

Lexcom is trusted by hundreds of companies for designing and implementing solutions based on integrating solutions based on Microsoft technology.

Still using VMWare? Reduce costs by moving to Microsoft Hyper-V

Most SME's can save up to $17,000 annually by moving to Hyper-V


Microsoft AutoPilot and Office 365 streamline computer deployments

Hook it up. Log In. All your apps and data deploy automatically.


Windows Intune helps get control of mobile devices

Implement policy and controls around mobile devices with Windows Intune


Protect information on Office 365, On Premise and in the Cloud

Protect your information wherever it resides with Veeam


The Power of 3: Improving business performance with iWuntu, Microsoft Azure and PowerBI

Lexcom is one of the most trusted and valued management consulting and IT consulting providers for small to medium sized enterprises. With a network of over 100+ IT consultants servicing the Southern U.S. and Western Canada – We will get you RESULTS!

If you are questioning the value of your investment in information technology, suffer from continual outages that impact your operations, or are wondering if your business is as secure and protected from cyber threats as it should be. Whatever your reason, however big or small your problem is, we GUARANTEE that we can help.