Non Profits

Best Managed IT for the Non Profit Organizations

The Oil & Gas industry is fast paced and demanding on everyone involved. You need a service provider that can meet those expectations. Lexcom's Best Managed Tech Systems program provides high quality IT operations, coupled with solid systems engineering to businesses that demand a high level of service, and confidence in their IT systems.

8 Reasons Best Managed IT right for you

  1. Downtime costs you money. You need your services to be available.
  2. When you do have a problem the support needs to be fast and responsive.
  3. Band-Aid solutions don't work. You need a service provider that can get to the root cause of a problem and solve it for good.
  4. Spending money is okay, but it better provide a tangible result.
  5. You need people who understand that working in the middle of nowhere by satellite IS the normal working environment.
  6. It is difficult (and costly) to reproduce inspection records after a pipeline is in the ground and you are 10 miles down the road.
  7. The industry uses state of the are tools including remote monitoring, automation, GIS and analytics but not all of our people are that sophisticated. Your IT needs to support this.
  8. You need financial agility that allows IT to scale up and down with the business at a moments notice.

6 Immediate Improvements we will make:

  1. We are going to get a handle on all IT assets. Standardize the configurations and lay out an asset management strategy.
  2. We are going to resolve outstanding problems that are impacting productivity.
  3. We are going to improve the security posture of the organization by adding multiple levels of security and training.
  4. We are going to implement an information management strategy to ensure that all information and services can be recovered in a timely manner.
  5. We are going to put in place an operational work program that proactively addresses issues before impact and delivers to your support expectations.
  6. We can streamline safety, quality and environmental incident reporting, time sheets, and progress reporting so that you have real time visibility into the work being performed.

Lexcom is one of the most trusted and valued management consulting and IT consulting providers for small to medium sized enterprises. With a network of over 100+ IT consultants servicing the Southern U.S. and Western Canada – We will get you RESULTS!

If you are questioning the value of your investment in information technology, suffer from continual outages that impact your operations, or are wondering if your business is as secure and protected from cyber threats as it should be. Whatever your reason, however big or small your problem is, we GUARANTEE that we can help.