Agriculture Place marks a milestone in the rebirth of Regina’s downtown

At 160,000 square feet, 11 storeys high, Agriculture Place is a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rated building.

Lexcom provided network and cabling design, implementation and coordination for all building control systems

May 13, 2016

Agriculture Place was designed from the ground up for leadership in Energy and Environmental design. The state of the art control systems implemented in the building provide a high level of visibility into their operations. As such, these control systems rely on information technology for connectivity and communication.

Having a proven track record on building resilient networks in office towers, Lexcom was brought in to specifically design and implement the control systems network.

  • Installed building wiring
  • Implemented network components
  • Structured the Network for Multiple Control Systems
  • Secured Control Systems
  • Coordinated Vendors

CHALLENGEs & Lessons learned

1) Elevators

WIth live video streams being provided to each elevator, providing network connectivity to them can be a challenge. Elevators pose a specific problem because they move, have a high level of interference from mechanical components, and are prone to power spikes. To address this, Lexcom implemented specialized equipment to protect the equipment from power fluctuations and interference.

2) Cabling Distances

When working in an eleven story building, cabling distances become a factor in all decisions. Cabling of the control system network was segmented into vertical riders and horizontal drops. Network equipment was strategically placed to keep costs down while ensuring we did not exceed the maximum distances supported by each cable type.

Tech partners


  • Cisco Meraki Switching
  • CIsco Meraki Firewalls
  • Category 6e
  • Multi-Mode Fiber Optics
  • VLAN

successful result delivered

Lexcom has substantial knowledge on how to best design and deliver control systems networks. We are very confident in their abilities and trust them with all of our building control networks.

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