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Assess, Baseline and track safety performance over the life of your project.

Streamline Incident Reporting

Collect, track and report on all safety data from multiple departments or locations through one centralized web-based portal.

Reduce Safety Related Incidents

Execute a proactive and reactive approach to your safety program and easily identify, analyze and prioritize potential safety hazards and risks to avoid unnecessary incidents and expenses.

Evaluate Safety Performance

Log incidents across multiple departments or locations and gain a 360-degree view into your organization's safety performance with real-time reports and KPI dashboards.

Be 100% Prepared for an Audit

Easily export or print preconfigured reports for auditors or simply provide them with direct access to the System.

Improved Productivity

Track meeting occurrences, record, schedule and assign follow-up actions to issues, schedule new meetings, send automated meeting notifications, and archive old meeting documents.

Automatic Email Notifications

Provide timely notifications to people responsible for tasks focused on safety performance through timely and actionable email report distribution.

Easily manage, track and report all of your safety metrics in real-time, streamline incident reporting, seamlessly comply with standards such as OHSAS 18001 and drive continuous improvement across your organization.

Quickly deploy new field data collection applications and eliminate the hassles of processing paperwork.


Lexcom's Safety Incident Reporting module is a comprehensive, user-friendly tool for organizations to record, track and report safety incidents, accidents and injuries. Flexible options allow you to deploy applications online via a web-based application or in the field using our mobile application platform. it is easily accessible to employees organization-wide, or external contractors and creates 360-degree visibility into your safety performance, allowing you to easily identify root causes, implement corrective and preventive actions and maintain an auditable, real-time record of the detection and mitigation of every safety incident in your organization. Custom dashboards allow you to view safety performance in real-time.

The Lexcom's Safety Meetings Management module allows your organization’s safety advocates to track meeting-related data, including minutes, policies, issues, and correctives actions within a centralized online application accessible to all your employees and archived for future safety audits. This application will ensure you are conducting effective health and safety meetings and facilitating the implementation of successful health and safety initiatives with measurable results.

Lexcom's Safety Policy software module streamlines the control, tracking, and communication of all documents and activities associated with your organization’s environmental, quality and safety policies. Conveniently track and manage policies and all related data in a centralized online location that’s accessible by all staff, send automated email notifications to policy reviewers and approvers, and generate and distribute real-time reports with the click of a button.

The Lexcom Work Observations module streamlines the tracking, scheduling, and reporting of employee and crew work observations. Easily track work observations per crew or employee, establish a consistent approach for managing your organization’s work observations, schedule and assign follow-up actions via automatic email notifications and web based data collection screens, and generate real-time reports with the click of a button with this user-friendly software solution.

The Safety Objectives & Targets module helps organizations identify their safety performance, set clearly defined objectives and targets, and track the success of their results. Track safety management program activity descriptions, costs, person responsible, and targeted completion date, establish a consistent approach for managing safety workflow processes and ensure safety procedures and responsibilities are clearly identified, recorded, and implemented.

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