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Weld Acceptance

Weld acceptance based on individual defects and their status which reduces the chance of missed defect repairs.

Severity Level Tracking

Severity level tracking so that minor defects, almost rejectable defects, and rejectable defects can be entered and tracked.

Timely Data Submissions

Web upload, and download that hourly, or daily can synchronizes all NDE data by spread, providing current status of all welds, and up to date web reports for management.

GIS Integration

Ability to visualize NDE rejects, missed NDE events on a map with our GIS integration module.

Improved Productivity

An increase in speed, accuracy, and quality of the daily NDE activities. Daily details of all NDE results available on the web for internal quality reviews.

Accurate Recordkeeping

Accurate details proving all requirements have been fulfilled by the NDE Company with the ability to digitally sign records.

Improved Record Turnover

A complete list of all defects and their associated severity levels, and details which can be turned over to operations for reference by the integrity group.

Integration with Survey

An accurate database to compare to welds listed wth those installed by survey.

Compliance Reporting

Auditable view of NDE records, and results which provides for easy and accurate web based audit by Owner or Regulatory bodies.

Accurate generation, gathering, and processing of NDE data, with near real-time visibility to weld defects, and welds not inspected!

Today’s NDE process is a very dynamic procedure, with a sometimes difficult weld chronology, weld defect details, with multiple NDE crews sometimes involved in the clearing of welds. Combined with a contractor who has one goal of getting as much pipe welded up and buried in a day, the very hectic pace provides a very difficult environment to keep perfect tabs on all welds, and outstanding defects in a pipeline or station. Our NDE module facilitates accurate generation, gathering, and processing of NDE data, and the ability to analyze and respond appropriately to weld defects, and welds not inspected; a critical and scrutinized activity in the construction quality process.

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