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Locate, maintain, rehabilitate and manage your critical infrastructure assets throughout their lifecycle.

Actionable Asset Registry

As assets are added into the system they create an actionable asset registry where you can apply maintenance policies, schedule inpsections and interface with Internet connected sensors.

Improve your Municipal IQ

We can improve your Municipal IQ by ensuring that information about your infrastructure can be easily found in a database for future generations to come.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Proactive maintenance strategies are proven to save as much as 50% of the total cost of ownership by keeping up with maintenance before an asset degraeds too much.

Streamlined Asset Collection

Our streamlined asset collection module allows you to quickly survey assets such as hydrants, street lamps, signs through an easy to use map module with asset templates.

Improved Productivity

Default settings, voice based data entry, and pick lists which reduces typing effort and time while eliminating transposition errors.

View information from Different Perspectives

Web reports allow you to see the complete history and status of an asset from your perspectives.A Maintenance Worker may only see maintenance attributes while an Administrator can see financials.

Citizen Engagements

Integration with our Citizen Engagement Module allows you to improve service levels by communicating service outages, road closures and maintenance activities to the public more effectively.

Proactive Maintenance & Predictive Failure Analysis

We have partnered with some of the worlds leading experts in predictive failure analysis allowing us to apply their algorithms to our information sets.

Compliance Reporting

Accurate infrastructure reports help ensure that your municipality stays in compliance with current and future tangible capital asset reporting requirements.

Information Powering Improved Decision Making!

We have specifically designed the ability to quickly collect & visualize data they way you want it. See how our platform drives an organization to make better decisions.

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