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Assess, Baseline and track historical environmental conditions over the life of your project.

Feature Locating

The environmental feature module enables you to track and spatially locate different environmental features that must be managed throughout your project

Track Historical Changes

Baseline and track the historical environmental conditions of each environmental feature with the ability to display pictures over a timeline.

Mitigate Risk and Avoid Penalties

Meet and exceed section 4.3.3 Environmental Objectives and Targets regulations of the ISO 14001 standard and avoid costly penalties associated with insufficient management and documentation practices.

Be 100% Prepared for an Audit

Easily export or print preconfigured reports for auditors or simply provide them with direct access to the System.

Improved Productivity

Mobile field data collection facilitates the automatic scheduling, tracking, and delegation of follow-up actions relating to objectives and targets, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency.

Automatic Email Notifications

Provide timely notifications to people responsible for tasks focused on environmental performance through timely and actionable email report distribution.

Easily manage, track and report all of your environmental metrics in real-time, streamline incident reporting, seamlessly comply with standards such as ISO 14001 and drive continuous improvement across your organization.

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