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Our User Experience assessments take a detailed look at the different roles in your organization, how they use IT, and engage in the necessary changes to improve productivity..

Desktop & Laptop Productivity

Our desktop & laptop productivity assessments reviews the user experiences in your organization to improve productivity and employee satisfaction through standardization, simplifying the user experience and increasing service availability.

Mobility & Field Data Collection

Our mobility and field collection assessments review how mobility and field data collection can be used to enhance business processes, streamline field reporting and data access while also increasing employee productivity.

Remote Workforce & Telecommuting

Our remote access and telecommuting assessments look at how to enable external employees to securely communicate and access resources while working remotely. We look at how various technologies such as VPN, Virtual Desktops, Voice over IP, Sharepoint and outsourcing how they can be used to increase profitability.

Information Security

Our information security assessments take an in depth look at the security controls you have in place and how a balance can be made between security and productivity.

Office 365 & Cloud

Our office 365 & cloud assessments look at how you can utilize new cloud services to reduce your operational costs while improving communication, collaboration and information access to increase productivity.

Application Assessments

Our application assessments review your business for opportunities to improve productivity by implementing and integrating applications. We look to increase profitability by streamlining processes, eliminating task duplification and renegotiating licensing programs to ensure they are cost effective.

With a network of over 50 subject matter experts across multiple subject areas we can provide you with the expertise you need to advance your business.

Do you feel like throwing your computer out the window? We can help.

Lexcom's productivity assessment help you get to the bottom of your frustrations by eliminating finger pointing and creating a strategy to move forward.